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There’s nothing quite like tasting farm fresh yogurt. Yogurt that’s free of gelatin or preservatives, made only with whole milk straight from healthy cows. I got a taste of this myself while visiting the vibrant dairy farms of upstate New York with my wife Esha a couple years ago. That’s when I had my big idea.

Now let’s back up a bit. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I came to New York in 2009 to study at New York University (that’s where I met Esha). I always loved food and NYC was the holy grail for me — every cuisine, available 24/7. One of my favorites has always been Indian food and I especially loved the thick and creamy yogurt smoothie, or lassi, that would complement a super spicy dish. My love for lassis grew even stronger when I visited my wife’s family in India while I was in law school. After that trip I thought to myself — how could this incredible drink not be available in every grocery store, coffee shop and pizzeria across the country?

It all came together years later during my visit to upstate New York. Shortly after, I started LAHSI — a yogurt smoothie inspired by the lassis that I love and made with the incredibly rich and creamy yogurt from the state I call home. 

What make’s a LAHSI smoothie great? Our 16 oz. bottled smoothies are only made with farm fresh whole milk yogurt from New York, with bold flavors from around the world and a dash of spice. We’re packed with protein, high in probiotics, and free from GMOs, preservatives and any other weird stuff. Our first flavor is Mango Cardamom, an homage to the world’s most popular lassi.

Since starting LAHSI, I’ve stuck by one mantra: the best ingredients — better together. Today it’s yogurt smoothies, but tomorrow, the possibilities are endless. Our world has so many unique foods and flavors — and the wonderful farmers behind them — and we want to bring them together to create something great.

We’ve received incredible feedback since launching earlier this year, from lassi enthusiasts to newbies looking for something different in the dairy aisle. I’m so proud of how far LAHSI has come and excited for the future of our company. 

— Cole Riley, Founder & CEO