Our flagship product is the 16 oz. Mango Cardamom Yogurt Smoothie.

Our yogurt is made with whole milk from grass fed cows in upstate New York. The milk has no hormones or antibiotics. The yogurt, also processed in upstate New York, only includes whole milk and live cultures — no gelatins, preservatives or other GMOs.

Our mango is sourced from the beautiful Ratnagiri region on the west coast of India. Dubbed the “king of Mangoes,” the Alphonso mango has a distinct natural sweetness and richness that is unparalleled.

This Mango Cardamom flavor has 280 calories, 16g protein, 52g carbs and 8g fat. The full nutrition facts for this flavor can be found here.

Future flavors coming in early Summer. We are already developing strawberry, blueberry and coconut based flavor combinations! Check back soon or follow @drinkLAHSI for updates.